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FAQ: Why do you take so long to publish your work?

The research takes up quite a bit of time before I actually start writing.  Depending on the length of the book it will take write and complete the editing process.   Then the marketing strategy needs to be worked out and put in place.  This is an all-around team effort that needs to be done right.


FAQ: I have an idea for your next book. How can I submit it?

I do not use material from readers in any of my books, so I will not be able to consider any suggestions you have for future books. However, please write to me about any other subject. I love hearing from you!!

FAQ: What are book trailers?

Book trailers are visual teasers for a book. Instead of READING about the book, you watch the trailer and it gives you a little bit of insight into the book and hopefully captures your imagination so that you want to read the book! This will be coming soon.

FAQ: I’ve joined your mailing list, but I’m not receiving your mailings. What should I do?

I only send out email announcements when I have a book coming out or for very special occasions. It may be some time before you get an email from me after you sign up. However, here are some things you can do to ensure you receive our future mailings:

  • Try signing up again: You may have made a typo when you entered your email address.
  • Prevent your mailbox from rejecting our newsletters:
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Still not receiving emails? Have you EVER unsubscribed? We ALWAYS remove ALL unsubscribes EVERY TIME we do a mailing so we do not send an email to someone who does not want one. This means that once you unsubscribe with a particular address, you will not be able to re-subscribe through our opt-in mailing list.

What to do? E-mail our webmaster and ask to be removed from the unsubscribe list and added to the mailing list.


FAQ: Are any of your books available in audiobook format or are any of them going to be released in audiobook format in the future

Audiobook preparations are in the works right now.  As soon as this is available I will be having a special promotion for the title.

FAQ: Do you write under any other name?

Yes.  I also write a different genre under the name Amerine Graham.

FAQ: Are any of your books being made into movies?

No, none of my books are being made into movies at this time. However, there is often frequent talk of a movie with readers who find it fun to envision who would play the parts. I find it very enjoyable to learn what my readers think.


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