Jackson Pratt is a well-known figure in Oakport. The young, incredibly charming and handsome entrepreneur has his fingers in countless business around Oakport. Despite being a local celebrity, Jackson has a well-guarded secret that few know about: he’s a shifter that can transform into a black jaguar. Jackson isn’t only involved in the business side of Oakport, but he is a key figure in the city’s underground paranormal scene.

Lisa is in her early twenties and has just recently moved to Oakport. She’s trying to cut her teeth as a writer, working for a small, local paper, but it’s not enough to pay the bills. She also works as a waitress at Market, one of the hippest and most trendy restaurants in Oakport.   Lisa dreams of becoming a famous novelist, but while she has the skills, she’s lacking the inspiration. She’s determined to find excitement and adventure in her life so she became inspired to be the writer she’s always dreamt of being.  Then she had to wait on Jackson’s table and life took on a different since Lisa will now discover a new dimension to her own self.

Chapter 1

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