Wolf’s Edge


Wolf at the Door

Dominic, the sheriff of Timber Creek, is called out to investigate a murder that could start a clan war between two rival werewolf clans. The victim is the son of Winston Hamilton, the mayor of Timber Creek and the head of the elitist Grey clan, the same clan Dominic is a part of. Dominic and his deputy, Tanner, discover evidence that the Brown clan – long-time rivals of the Greys – killed the mayor’s son, breaking an uneasy peace, but something is amiss.

 Chapter 1


Wolf In Blue

Timber Creek is in a state of change. Not only do the Greys have to select a new leader, the town is gearing up for an election to find a new mayor. The Greys select Dominic to be their new clan leader, and during his initiation ceremony in the woods, all the wolves present get attacked by a mysterious group of normals. While protecting Patrice during the attack, Dominic gets injured and is taken to the hospital by Patrice, and her friend Valerie. While Dominic is getting medical attention, the two women ponder over who would have attacked them, and Dusty is there to shed some light on the situation. He tells them about a group known as the Hunters, who for generations hunted down werewolves in Europe, causing the wolves to flee to America. They’ve never had Hunters in America before, and both clans are in jeopardy.

Chapter 1


Wolf Medicine

Just as Dominic is about to propose to Patrice, Timber Creek is caught in the biggest snowstorm the town has seen in decades. When the town mysteriously loses power, it becomes clear that storm has brought with it a frightful new guest. The town gathers in the High School – a makeshift crisis center – and when a missing worker from the power plant wanders in from the storm, it becomes clear that something is sinister is afoot.

Chapter 1


Wolf In the Castle

The weekend of Dominic and Patrice’s wedding has arrived. The wolves leave Timber Creek for Colt city where Patrice’s dream venue, Castle Richards, is located. Upon arriving in Colt city, Dominic meets with his uncle, who gives Dominic a grave but vague warning about Castle Richards. As Castle Richards is where Patrice has always dreamt of getting married, Dominic doesn’t heed his uncle’s warning, chalking it up as little more than bizarre behavior from a strange relative.

Once they arrive at the luxurious castle, built in the 1920s by the eccentric millionaire Branson Richard’s, things start to get a little strange. Their cake gets destroyed, their decorations get ruined, and it seems like someone is trying to prevent them from getting married. The strange activities start to escalate as Dominic gets attacked their first night there by a mysterious presence. Dominic quickly realizes that something is amiss at Castle Richards, and the wolves are forced to deal with the tricky tactics of the ghosts who haunt the walls.

Chapter 1


Wolf in the Desert

Dominic and Patrice are ready for a relaxing and romantic honeymoon. When they receive a honeymoon vacation to Windy Springs, a vacation town known for great hikes and scenic views, it seems that their prayers have been answered. But after arriving, things quickly go in typical Timber Creek fashion, and Windy Springs is not what it appears to be.

While going for a hike through the beautiful backcountry, Dominic and Patrice get attacked by a bizarre lizard monster. Dominic fends off the beast, and then quickly calls Mitchell back home for help. Mitchell, back in Timber Creek, with the aid of Dr. Hamilton and Dusty, tries to figure out what the mysterious creature is. Back in Windy Springs, Dominic and Patrice talk to the town’s people and quickly realize that there is something off about them. The real trouble starts when the sun sets in the desert.

Chapter 1

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